Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There's no "pee" in Jalapeño!

So, it seems that, finally, the culprit for all of these Salmonella infections is the jalapeño.

But, if the USDA, FDA and the American news media had it their way, they are blaming it on the so-called "holla-pee-no".

Here's the correct pronunciation--well, sort of: "ha-la-pen-yo!"
Note: (The Spanish "h" is silent, but the "j" in Spanish acts like the "h" in English.) Special note to the media: We do not live in "Hee-doll-go" (Hidalgo) County and there's not such thing as "Hoss-sienda" Ford (Hacienda Ford); again, the "h" in Spanish is silent. Therefore it's "ee-doll-go" (Hidalgo) and "oss-see-en-dah" (Hacienda).

Interesting how Barack Obama calls Pakistan: "pock-ee-ston" instead of the Americanized: Pack-iz-stan.
The tilde (~) above the ñ in jalapeño is a gnuh sort of sound, but "nio" or "nyo" is a lot closer than putting "pee" in jalapeño.

So, wash all raw veggies and fruits before eating. There's all those pesticides and such all over them anyway. For now, they're warning that we not eat raw jalapeños.

I like the veggie/fruit cleaner with a little lemon oil in it. Works wonders.

It's a heckuva way for McAllen to make the national news--it seems a plant here may be one place of origin for the outbreak. Who knows. Anyway, let's leave the "pee" out.

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