Friday, July 25, 2008

Poet Mariachi's Live TV Interview

Here's a link to an interview I had on KVEO-23, the NBC affiliate. Please pass the word!

Let me know what you think.

FYI: Cindy Garcia, the anchor, was so gracious in invititing me and made sure I felt welcome and comfortable and I truly appreciate her for that.

In the segment, she talks about Shakespeare and hip-hop and we'd talked before we went on the air and I told her something like, "Go ahead and ask me that on the air and I'll talk about that." or something like that. So I'm not dissing her or putting her in her place at all. She set up the question for us to discuss so I was not defending Shakespeare against her own attitude but rather that of much of the general public.

Cindy is excellent and very smart and pro-poetry. (She had Amalia Ortiz on to help promote the inaugural Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival.) She's very supportive of the arts and I truly appreciate her for that. It's not always easy to find in the news media.

We'll start registering poets for the 2nd Annual Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival--last weekend in April--soon!

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