Thursday, October 2, 2008

Puro Palin

How do y'all think Gov. Palin did in the debate? It was Sen. Biden's debate to lose.

How is it that these legislators, McCain included, are talking about their plans for this and plans for that as if they haven't been in a position to propose such budgetary issues--Congress (not the president) being charged with passing a budget?

In 2000 and 2001, Pres. Bush (as the pres.-elect and thereafter) proposed hydrogen fuel cell technology for vehicles. The Democrats in Congress, first in the minority, then as the majority, refused to allow discussion on the topic until very recently. The Democratic leadership has been so adamant about making Bush look bad, not giving him any success whatsoever, the American people be damned. They don't care, Pelosi and Reid, about America. They want Bush to look bad and are dying to have a Democrat in office to make him look good. In the meantime, they have been anti-Bush for the sake of being anti-Bush and not for the sake of arguing the topic and letting the American people and our representatives decide.

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