Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Alternative Fuels

Here we go again: the present presidential nominees are talking about alternative fuels.

You won't hear McCain, because he doesn't want to insult his "friends" in the Democratic party, and certainly not Obama, because he's not into the truth, that George W. Bush asked Congress to pass legislation investing in hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, etc.

The Democrats--then in the majority--blocked such talk; once in the majority, they were determined to not allow Bush any single success, the country be damned.

This is why we need to encourage third-parties. The two-party system is not about making America great, it's about getting elected.

p.s. Oil is not just for gasoline. We make plastics--like, you know, to save babies lives, for cars, for shoes, etc., from it. This is why everything made in China stinks pretty badly--like petroleum.

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