Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama: The Audacity of Hype

The Audacity of Hype with which Sen. Barack Obama presents himself is amazing.

Time and again he's allowed to use numbers and mention policies that just don't add up.

Go to http://wire.factcheck.org/ or http://www.factcheck.org/ to see how his campaign is wrong.

(This objective site lists how McCain is wrong too.)

I'm watching the debate and here's Obama talking like he's JFK--let's double the size of the Peace Corps and get off oil in 10 years, likening it to going to the moon, even mentioning JFK by name.

He's the first AfricAnglimerican to get the nomination from a major party. It's a shame he's the first; bringing in race--talking about: "Oh, and by the way, he's black" and such in a speech warning his followers of what others might say.

Obama says 95% of Americans will not be affected by his tax raises. The number's much lower than that--see FactCheck.org for details. Don't take my word for it. See a source that lists the sources.

Iraq does not have a 79 billion dollar surplus, Obama! Way off!

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