Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let All That Breathe Partake--Let Nader & Others Debate!

Dear Editor,
I am writing to demand more coverage of all independent presidential candidates. served in the United States Navy and Navy Reserves for 12 years and I think I've earned that right--to be allowed to make my own decisions on politics.I am an American, born to Mexican parents on the border of the Rio Grande Valley. I am now a public school English teacher. Yet I am not a Democrat, or Catholic, or a member of a teacher's union. I vote mostly Republican, but McCain is not the conservative that we'd have wanted to front our party and our nation. The conservatives who ran for president cancelled themselves out and now we're stuck with McCain.

As much as I disagree with Ralph Nader on many issues, I would like to at least like to hear what Nader/Gonzalez have to say. I think that including other than Democrats and Republicans in debates would help keep those "major party" candidates honest and bring in real issues into the debate. As much as Obama is promising change it's all hype. As much as McCain is promising to champion conservative ideas, it falls short. Americans are grown up enough to decide for ourselves who we'll elect. The media, by not covering Nader and other party candidates, are playing Big Brother and it's insulting. This is why cable and blogging news are gaining in popularity. Charlie Gibson calling himself Charles does not a more objective journalist make.

Let us have our say and our look at all the options out there. It's time to let third party candidates have their say and their chance to affect the policies and issues affecting our nation. We need third party candidates to gain enough votes to have an easier time getting on the ballots in the future. This is a healthy thing for America. I am a conservative, but McCain having won the Republican primary shows that our primary system is flawed--with independents in early-primary states being able to affect an entire election and dishearten true conservatives in later primaries. We need third parties to balance things out, to let us be reminded of what democracy truly is. As it is, when the news media refuses to include those on the fringe, they are forgetting that nothing is impossible.

The Giants were supposed to lose to the Patriots last Superbowl. Foreman was supposed to beat Ali in Zaire. Mark Spitz's record was supposed to last forever. Hilary was supposed to easily beat Obama. McCain was supposed to be a broke joke.

Let us see and hear the options out there. Let us decide for ourselves. Let us see more coverage of the independents out there. Let us decide whether or not they are valid.

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